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What are the appropriate weights?

How to correctly choose the weights used in your exercises?

I work out with weights in order to lineage with Specforce Alpha Review. How much weight should I use on each exercise to have better results?

When you warm up any resistance exercise, resistance (eg weight of dumbbells or barbell) should be such that you can do easily at least 15 reps.

In the next set of exercise resistance should be increased so as to allow you perform 2-3 sets of 6-12 repetitions, no fewer nor more, always with perfect technique and without "cheating."

When the resistance you use you can do more than 12 reps, then either need to increase, for example, adding more weights, or doing reps at a slower pace or change this exercise more difficult.

You want to lose pounds, but do not want to dieting.

"Not another diet!"! Monday, the 2nd toast, salad with tuna Tuesday, Wednesday burger with grilled vegetables. You can not stand being all day with a plan in hand to indicate you what you eat. You have no problem with the right foods, but fails to follow with so much reverence a diet plan. Have you tried it and did not do it for you, simply because half the effort to give up. Thou shalt not dieting... finally. Do you want but you can follow some basic rules in your diet and weight loss. There? Of course! We are not dieting, but to broach the concept of healthy eating, making lifestyle!

Breakfast should be rich, hearty, to gives you energy! Nice all that ... but actually what happens? One is the rule that will not disappoint you ever.

- Your breakfast must necessarily consist of three colors: White, Brown & Orange! Where white calculated a dairy product, milk or yogurt. The brown color does not relate to your fragrant coffee, but in the whole grain cereal or toast some whole that may include your breakfast dietmythsandfacts . Finally, the orange symbolizes fresh natural juice will give you energy, vitamins and nutrients.

Quick Tip: Because it does not have all the luxury of the idyllic breakfast on the balcony, just be smart. He kept the three primary colors of the morning coffee and find quick solutions that combine one of the other two. What does this mean;
- Brown with white: Bun with cheese or low-fat cheese
- Brown with orange: Cereal bar with fruits
What to avoid: Unfortunately the dream of royal breakfast with steamed croissants will not help much to lose weight and it is advised to avoid. The croissant has a lot of fat to be borne by the body and causes a sudden hunger just a little time after. On the way to work! Waiting it's time for lunch or even home from work to catch a cravings. If you are properly equipped, you do not have to fear anything. A cracker, a cereal bar, a fruit are some of the choices to be found in your path ... when that appetite!

During the breaks for lunch, you preferred to go running. Now you have to eat something, but do not have time. Use the refrigerator and the office of the microwave oven to make delicious, nutritionally balanced snack. For example, you can eat a small portion of pasta with red sauce or a sandwich with whole grain bread and turkey. If again the heat of your midday appetite has cut the Gkirarnt Emperle suggests: "If you can not eat, drink something to give you carbohydrates and protein needed by your organization. There are options such as milk, snacks with fruit flavors, drinks that replace meals or energizing refreshments for after sport.

You wonder when it's better to do abs? See now the answer.

"I work out with weights three times a week. When should I abs: at the beginning or end of the program? "

There is no general rule depends on the type, structure and intensity of the program with weights.

If you do exercises with weights is not very intense and require strong involvement of the supporting muscles of the trunk, then you can do abs at the beginning, immediately after the general warm-up. Otherwise it is better to do crunches or after the completion of exercises with weights, before loosening or half abdominal exercises at the beginning and the other half at the end.

In the days work out cyclically or use combined exercises, you can choose different abdominal exercises and do the "scattered" in your program, the most difficult in the beginning, the less difficult in the middle of the program with weights and easier to end, e.g. instead of other rest breaks.

In the first two phases of the diet, that is until you lose the weight you want, forget the potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, flour and sugar. There are fried, do not cook with oil, not eating fatty meats or legumes and fruits. Eat lean meat as you want (skinless chicken, beef, etc.), egg whites, all fish, seafood, cooked without oil. Also eat nonfat yogurt and milk, up to 1 pound a day.
Those in the first phase, lasting from 2-10 days, depending the weight you want to lose. From the second phase and after eating almost all vegetables, raw or cooked, plus some additional food in small quantities, with which you have the opportunity to make various recipes to vary the diet mi40x review. Do not skip the third and fourth phases, which are the most important. Why the pounds can easily be restored and even exceeded.

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