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One of the most frequent questions I get Fat Diminisher System is how to quickly burn belly fat? Today I give 6 ways to quickly burn belly fat by Wesley Virgin which will be very useful to get a flat piancia and replace the fat with a lot of abs.

Belly fat is actually the most dangerous type of fat - not only for the aesthetics, the accumulated fat can cause dangerous diseases, this is what emerged from the latest research on abdominal and visceral fat.

When you're tired you do not produce ghrelin, Fat Diminisher and this triggers the craving for sugar and other fatty foods constitution.

Not getting enough sleep, you can also alter your hormone production review, affecting cortisol levels that cause insulin sensitivity, the main reason for the belly fat!

With about 7 hours of sleep a night, you will feel much better and will increase the production of ghrelin and serotonin. This also depends on the quality of sleep, if you sleep badly and better to consult reviews a doctor to improve its quality.

1000 abs at night can make you get strong abdominal muscles, but with a layer of fat on top will not get the desired results.

Instead of performing all of these abs, you have to do exercises that involve all muscle program and you have to work the cardiovascular system.

A good exercise is the Plak, home to a push-up position, resting your forearms on the ground. Try 3 or 4 sequences than 30 seconds each. Do this exercise every day and brucierai very fast belly fat.

Seem trivial but also get up and walk around during recipe the day will help a lot to eliminate belly fat with Wesley's Virgin fat loss system.

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A healthy diet 80% of fights belly fat. Reduce calories by replacing unhealthy snacks with those who do well as proteins, vegetables, whole cereal.

For example, if you feel like sugars do not take regular milk because it is rich in calories, but I recommend soy milk, very good and low in calories, even better if done at home!

Besides being a good way to fight colds, vitamin C is essential to produce carnitine, a compound used by the body to transform fat into fuel, making this vitamin a real ally in the fight against belly fat.

And when you regain, that water, the scale is not so much your friend. In addition it seems that every time I re-ups put on weight after a diet of fat mass. But how do we know if we are actually losing body fat? Here I will try to give you a practical answer, which you can do in two ways, considering it "by eye" and then relying on a simple calculation. To know exactly how much you are losing body fat in the diet is necessary to do a test called bioimpedentiometry, and that is the most accurate test, and also tells you your metabolism .. Another way to calculate how much you managed to lose mass fat can be measured with a scale which calculates body fat percentage and lean, but from my experience is anything but reliable.

The first way is simple, just to look in the mirror: if the scale says you are dropped, but basically you fitting jeans the same way, you are losing more fluids than anything else; They tap on him though, especially around the abdomen and inner thigh you feel empty, flabby and not very tonic, you are losing lean body mass. The appearance of a person slimming and slimming lose lean body mass that is fat is "compact" and you get (in my experience) only with physical activity, that is counteracting the loss of lean body mass in favor of fat. The balance will seem infischiarsene, ie in general weight loss will be very slow, but at least you know you might be losing fat.

Also think about this: the flab weighs little. To weigh the most are the muscles, and of course also weigh liquids. If you are losing pounds in a week, with a miraculous diet, you think the balance comes down to what? Are those pounds of fat? On, on, let's be realistic. The second way, it is a simple measure that you can do by entering your data: in this page you will find how to calculate it, but do not read the section on data analysis because it is wrong. The right fat percentage for men or women are described here.

The first indication helpful is to not eat too many carbs in the evening. Ideally, you should eat them for lunch and prefer proteins in the evening. The night the metabolism is slower, it greatly reduces the physical activity and the body, in fact, needs fewer calories. The digestion of carbohydrates (complex sugars) is more difficult: better to put meat on the table - especially white meat -, fish and eggs. The type of cooking of red meat, to help us better to burn fat, is grilled.

Eliminate the cheese, especially if seasoned, it is another good rule to be avoided, however, the simultaneous intake of different kinds of proteins: meat and eggs, meat and dairy products, meat and sausages can only slow digestion and fatigue the already slow metabolism of the evening, with the result of accumulating fat in 'body.

Caffeine also, in many studies, has been shown to play an important role in the burning of fat: it favors, in fact, the oxidation of the deposited fat, which becomes in other words pure energy to be used for physical activity. Precisely for this reason, especially for those who perform aerobic exercise, it is recommended before taking 200 mg of caffeine.

Less known is the action of football, capable of increasing lipolysis - ie heating fat foods - and thus facilitate thermogenesis required by the body and inducing a reduction in body weight. We should therefore be careful to take about 1,200 mg of calcium daily.

In addition to football, there is a very useful mineral else to burn fat faster: iron. The iron, in fact, is able to provide to our body the required oxygen supply, and this causes an increase in metabolism and a faster burning of fat. It would take each day at least four servings of iron-rich foods: green leafy vegetables, meat, cereals and dried fruit.

Another basic rule is to eat lean meat and many vegetables, Fat Diminisher System so a high dose of protein. These foods are a rich source of fiber, which give us a quick sense of satiety, but very mainly increase the activity of our metabolism.